James Fletcher Design


The artistic works of James Fletcher are spawned from an imagination of highly detailed, surreal, dark, pseudo-psychedelic alternate realities, often with an aquatic theme, and populated by fantastical scenes and creatures.

James, 42, was born and grew up in and around the seaside town of Plymouth. He is a self-taught graphic illustrator and father of two. He is a featured artist on Acidmath.net, a humanities and spirituality community based in Canada, selling psychedelic artwork on furniture and apparel. Having drawn from a young age, James’ career in design began in 2005, after graduating with honours in Photomedia and Design Communication from University of Plymouth

Growing up reading the work of science fiction and fantasy novelists and artists – John Martin, Evyind Earle, Kevin Walker, Chris Wynne Nevinson, H.P Lovecraft, J.R.R Tolkien and Christos Achillios – and inspired by the imagery of surrealist, illusory, and dark fantasy artists such as M.C Escher, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, and HR Giger; James’ artwork features flowing, organic, reality-warping scenes with a comic-esque fine art quality, packed with details for the eye to find.

This style of detailed imagery is known as ‘Wimmelbilder’ or ‘Teaming picture book’ in which you might find illustrations such as Where’s Waldo and other hidden object finders. James is currently working on creating his own fantasy universe from images such as these to create a dark, pseudo-psychedelic picture finder graphic novel.

An active humanitarian, James is an online network manager for a local homelessness charity. He also draws maps and creates historic war memorial signage, in conjunction with The Plymouth Historical Society and Sealed Knot Society, and he was a featured artist at the 2019 Guildhall Devcon comic conference.